Katoomba Remedial Massage

Mobile Massage for Mid to Upper Blue Mountains

About Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Massage?  Remedial means corrective or therapeutic.  A Remedial Massage is a massage done with a therapeutic goal, such as to reduce tension or pain in a group of muscles. 

The techniques used for Remedial Massage are more varied than those used for a relaxation massage.  With Remedial the strokes are usually deeper and might be slower than for relaxation massage.  

Techniques used during the massage may include skin rolling, trigger point therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and PNF stretching.  

The massage is tailored to you the client.  Any pain experienced should be what you consider as GOOD PAIN, this means that while the feeling is intense, it seems to be a pain that brings relief.   Never think you need to grit your teeth and bare it, because you are probably just holding your breath and tensing up, and that won't help, instead ask for the pressure to be reduced. 

The more feedback you give about what feels good and what isn't working, the better the massage will be in terms of effectiveness.  So please always speak up!

For bookings and enquiries please call 0451 502 298 or email sales.KRM@outlook.com.  

Lower back massage, tight QL
Gentle Trigger Point Therapy
Lower back pain, tight erector spinae
Images by Wesley Walker (copyright 2014)