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About Sports Massage

Sports Massage is the term used for massage treatments that are focussed on the needs of people who participate in sports or other physical training.  Immediately post event, massages are normally gentle, Swedish style, aiming to help recovery and relax.

Sports and other hard physical work can lead to various injuries.  Sometimes the injury is well defined and will have a certain diagnosis, while other times it's not really clear what's wrong, but things just don't feel right.  There might be dull pain, or a sense of restriction, or a sharp pain with certain movements.  Massage can help reduce sense of restriction feelings, via actual massage such as kneading or deep glides, and via techniques such as PNF stretching or MET (Muscle Energy Technique).  Massage techniques such as skin rolling, can help restore sensation, when for example an area feels somewhat numb.

Sciatica and ITB syndrome can be one of those not quite right, but doctors can't find anything in particular clearly wrong.  For Sciatica sometimes the muscles in the buttocks and lower back are tight, and causing the change in sensation.  For ITB syndrome, it might not even be the knee itself, but too much tension in the TFL or quads.  If the doctors can't find the problem, and you've done all your physio, it might be worth seeing if massage can help.

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Remedial Sports Massage is eligible for Health Fund Rebates.
Leg massage, thumb glides
Leg massage, kneading, compressions
Images by Wesley Walker (copyright 2014)