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About Remedial Massage

What is Remedial Massage? Remedial means corrective or therapeutic.  A Remedial Massage is a massage done with a therapeutic goal, such as to reduce tension or pain in a group of muscles. 

For pain in the scalp or neck, massage will be done both sitting in a chair and lying down on the massage table. The muscles causing the problem are often in the side of the neck, which are easier to get to in a sitting position. From sitting PNF stretches can also be done. Then when lying down the muscles of the shoulder and upper back area can be treated, these are stronger muscles and exert pressure on the skull and neck.

For pain in the lower back, muscles which might need to be treated, are right alongside the spine, the gluts and sometimes the oblique abdominals. Let me know if your ticklish or uncomfortable about abdominal work. It is worth trying it though because it can make a big difference.  Doing rotational movements helps a lot with back problems, eg sit on a kitchen chair and turn your torso as far to the left as possible, you can use the back of the chair to pull yourself around to get a deeper stretch, then go to the right, then repeat standing up.  Diagonal toe touching once your loosened up is also good, and lying on your back with knees bent, move your knees from side to side.

For pain or restriction in shoulder movement, work will be done all around the shoulder joint, and will involve moving the shoulder into various positions. If you can't raise your arm above your head, please advise so a suitable plan can be made, such as seated massage or sidelying.

The massage is tailored to you the client. Any pain experienced should be what you consider as GOOD PAIN, this means that while the feeling is intense, it seems to be a pain that brings relief. Never think you need to grit your teeth and bear it, because you are probably just holding your breath and tensing up and that won't help, instead ask for the pressure to be reduced. 

The more feedback you give about what feels good and what isn't working, the better the massage will be in terms of effectiveness. So please always speak up.

For bookings and enquiries please call 0451 502 298 or email  


Images by Wesley Walker (copyright 2014)

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