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Visitors to the Blue Mountains need massage

Have you been doing a lot of walking? Have you climbed up way too many stairs? Why not get a massage for those tired aching legs!

The business is a mobile service, so you don't have to walk anywhere.

Maybe you've rented a house to get away from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains. Avoid the shops and have a massage where you're staying. No need to leave the fire or worry about the pets getting lonely while you're out.

Mobile service mid to upper Blue Mountains, NSW

Upper Mountains: Katoomba, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Blackheath, Mt Victoria and Medlow Bath

Mid Mountains: Hazelbrook, Lawson and Bullaburra

Affordable pricing at $100/hr

Minimum booking is 1hr, which can be shared by two people

1.5 and 2hr sessions are based on the above hourly rates

For bookings and enquiries please call 0451 502 298 or email

If you have a large group, what some groups do is 3-4 people get a massage on the Friday afternoon-evening and the others get a massage on the Saturday afternoon. 


If you want to pay beforehand you can use this PayPal.Me  link



Images by Wesley Walker (copyright 2014)

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