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About Sports Massage

Sports and other hard physical work can lead to various injuries. Sometimes the injury is well defined and will have a certain diagnosis, while other times it's not really clear what's wrong, but things just don't feel right. There might be dull pain, or a sense of restriction, or a sharp pain with certain movements. Massage can help reduce sense of restriction feelings, via actual massage techniques such as skin rolling, kneading or deep glides, and via other methods like PNF stretching.  

Sciatica and ITB syndrome can be one of those not quite right, but doctors can't find anything in particular clearly wrong. For Sciatica sometimes the muscles in the buttocks and lower back are tight, and causing the change in sensation. For ITB syndrome, it can be from too much tension in the quads and an "egg beater" footfall pattern. Tightness in the upper calf can cause achilles tendon pain. Restrictions in the lower calf can cause a change in sensation in the toes. The pain or change of sensation at a distant site is because the muscle tightness is causing some restriction of the nerve and blood circulation.

Some people think sports massage is just all about pushing down pressure, and the harder and deeper the better.  While I realise some people enjoy that type of massage, I would also suggest that it isn't necessarily the most efficient way to reduce excessive tightness or pulling feeling in muscles.  Often transverse movements, skin rolling, kneading, and work with consideration for nerve restrictions works better and faster, and lasts longer.  Pressing down hard on a tight muscle can feel good, but often large muscles resist that pressure, and while you might think a larger stronger person applying more pressure will make it work, that's not necessarily so.  Small muscle alongside the spine sometimes respond well to pressure and some trigger point like spots also do.  Tractions also feel good, when there is a sense of deep tension in the muscles.

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Remedial Sports Massage is eligible for Health Fund Rebates.


Images by Wesley Walker (copyright 2014)

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